"I’ll support you from just beside you from now and forever"
— Changmin to Yunho, #TohoTreeTour 140424

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smile-ssi asked: "really??? though I'm only a fan from 2010/2011, I have bought many pre-split Tohoshinki stuff+tour DVDs and I don't remember seeing any 'we are T' in them at all?! the only T thing was a picture during T album promo & it was just the members making a T with their arms to the camera. no "We are"s, nor a fans thing in concerts or such ._.! We clearly have a record of how it started (Min's Tone Tour solo by X-Japan "We are X" -> "We Are T"). Min even mentioned this again on 2013 :o"



I stand corrected ^^

Anonymous asked: "So some OT5 stans started talking about how "We Are T" is an OT5 thing . I just wanna know , does it really matter if its OT5 or HoMin's ? Because even though I'm an OT5 my biases are HoMin and I feel shitty because I didn't know since I'm used to seeing HoMin do it since the split :'("

ummm I think they used ‘We are T’ since before the split but it didn’t really become their thing until….Tone Tour I guess? And then suddenly everything was T, T everywhere, showers of T and albums starting with T and T-shaped lightsticks lol it’s kind of great.

It’s definitely more of a duo!TVXQ thing than an OT5 thing - one of many things Yunho and Changmin have reclaimed for themselves since the split in, frankly, a masterstroke of giving no fucks about what OT5 fans want.

They’re TVXQ. Everything that was once a DB5K thing is now a Yunho and Changmin thing. It has nothing to do with JYJ because JYJ no longer have anything to do with DBSK. Get used to it.

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